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About Us

We are an award-winning interior design firm based in Nairobi Kenya. We opened our doors in August 2015 and since then we have worked for over 300 clients in corporate, retail, residential, hospitality and healthcare categories of interior design.

Our work is word class; we are keen on quality and detail; we have mastered our craft; which clearly distinguishes our work. We were recognized as the fastest interior design company in Kenya in 2019 then the interior designers of the year in 2020 & 2022

What we believe

We believe that everyone deserves to work, live or play in a space that is safe, functional and tastefully finished. To us, the aesthetic is as important as the function.
A-plus Interiors

Our corporate statements


To be a world leader in the provision of interior design services.


To help Africa and the world create dream homes, offices and recreational spaces.


Talent, Passion, Purpose, Relationships


Just dream about it; leave the rest to us.